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What is Sleep Apnoea

When breathing stops the levels of oxygen in the blood begin to drop. After a short time the lack of oxygen causes a reflex response.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder

A disorder characterised by insomnia and excessive sleepiness affecting people whose work hours are scheduled during the typical sleep period.


Insomnia, which is Latin for “no sleep,” is the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep.

What Happens When You Sleep?

Sleep affects how we look, feel and perform on a daily basis, and can have a major impact on our overall quality of life.

Sleep and Children

The quality and quantity of an infant's sleep affects the well-being of everyone in the household.

10 Healthy Sleep Tips

The following ten tips can help you achieve sleep and the benefits it provides.

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  • Newborn (up to 3 months) 14/17 hours

  • Infant (up to 11 months) 12/15 hours

  • Toddler (up to 2 years) 11.14 hours


  • Pre School (up to 5 years) 10/13 hours

  • School going (up to 13 years) 9/11 hours

  • Teen (up to 17 years) 8/10 hours


  • Young Adult (up to 25 years) 7/9 hours

  • Adult (up to 64 years) 7/9 hours

  • Older Adult (65 years plus) 7/8 hours

Sleep Problems

62% of adults experience a sleep problem on several nights each week (2,949,000 people)


30% of adults’ experienced Insomnia during the last year (1,472,000 people)

Fell Asleep

38% of adults unintentionally fell asleep, during the day, at least once in the past month (1,898,000 people)

Depression & Sleep

90% of people who suffer from Depression also suffer from Insomnia

In developed countries/economies the following statistics are relevant:

(Statistical figures from The National Sleep Foundation (US). 

Actual figures in brackets relate to Ireland (Republic) and are based on the CSO Population Figures for 2016.